what picture tells your story?

Bringing your ideas to life, one image at a time.

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ronna alexander

Graphic Recording On site Recording offers you a live synthesis of every aspect of your meeting, captured visually. This large scale (4'x6') record of experience is invaluable for participants, it increases memory retention while increasing engagement.

Templates For meetings where templates would better support the order of business, I can create those in advance, printable to any size.

Strategic Planning Why not offer your colleagues and employees something visual to engage them in your goals? You come up with the strategy, I'll use that to visually communicate your vision.

Presentations Ever notice the look on people's faces when the blue background appears in PowerPoint? Let's change that together by using less words and more images to cheer up those viewers!

Illustrations This covers a big territory... if you need something illustrated, you came to the right place.